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Slaton Harvey House interior photos, circa 1928

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Slaton Harvey House staff from the early days

Photograph of a group of men and women from the Slaton Harvey House, with a family of husband, wife, and child sitting in the front row. They are identified as (left to right) front row: W. H. Bowman, manager, Virginia Bowman, Mrs. W. H. Bowman, N. A. Miller, W. O. Shelton, F. L. Wells, and H. T. Carr, and back row: Ira McCarver, Jimmy McCarver, John Shelton, Roybe Hill, Cleo Wolf, Jo Short, Verna Tabor, Mable Reno, and Blanche Tabor. (Courtesy of The Portal to Texas History and thanks to Chino Chapa for sharing this and several others).

Historic Slaton Harvey House interior photo

Photograph of the interior of the dining room of Slaton Harvey House, with the tables set and a man standing behind a counter under a “cashier” sign.